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Home Presentation Property Styling Price Guide

What Can I Expect to Pay?

Whatever your budget, we will help you make strategic property presentation changes to appeal to the right market.

Home Presentation Property Styling offers four levels of service, depending upon your requirements. Whether you require a consultation, a customised package, or a complete overhaul, we will work with whatever time and budget you have available and help you maximise your choices.


You may at first be overwhelmed with the choices before you. Helping you understand where to put your time, energy and money is what we do. It is our job to assess what needs to be done and what doesn't need to be done.

Here are some approximate prices as a guide to what you can expect to pay for our services, but feel free to phone and discuss your property with us for a better assessment of what your costs will be.

Approximate Price Guide

Quick Start Consultation: an in-home assessment and verbal report from $200
Online Consultation: an assessment report conducted via email from $200
Consultation: a written report on what to do from $200 (unit) to $495 (6 bed home)
Use What You Have: a revamp package $1,700
Styled To Sell: monthly fees for furniture, decor
and garden hire [one month minimum]
1 or 2 bedroom apartment $1,500 to $3,000
3 beds or townhouse $2,000 to $4,000
2 or 3 bed home $4,000 to $5,500
4 bed+ prestige property $5,000 to $10,000
Complete Home Presentation: project manage property maintenance, landscaping, styling etc, approx. 1% of asking price


Quick Start Consultation

Home Presentation's low-cost consultation that points you in the right direction from the start. This consultation is an in-home visit where we will tour the property with you with verbal recommendations of what needs to be addressed to maximise your sale potential. This is an excellent option for the savvy homeowner who simply needs an expert eye to identify problem areas and to maximise the property's selling points.

The fee for a Quick Start Verbal Consultation begins at $200.


Online Consultation

An Online Consultation is available for homeowners whose property is outside the Sydney region, or who cannot make an appointment time for an in-home visit. Upon the fee being received, you will be sent comprehensive questions regarding your property and asked to submit photographs. Our stylist will assess the best possible plan of action to maximise the property's sale potential and return a Consultation Report to you via email.

The fee for an Online Consultation is from $200.


Consultation Report

The Consultation Report will advise you on the changes required to help expedite the sale of your property for its maximum value. At a time convenient to you, we will visit your home and tour the property with you, with recommendations of how to proceed. During the consultation we may take photos and make detailed notes on what is required to optimise your sale potential. We will discuss your requirements, timeframe and budget, identify problem areas that may hinder your sale and assess how much involvement you need from us. Once we have compiled our report you will be presented with the diagnosis with advice and recommendations, which you may choose to follow yourself without further involvement by Home Presentation, or you may choose to commission Home Presentation to complete the project at a level that suits your available time and budget.

The minimum fee for a Consultation Report is $350.


Use What You Have

The Use What You Have package is ideal for clients who often have good ideas and a sense of style, but lack the time or the level of experience needed to maximise their home's potential. For those projects that also need restoration work, we will supply a list of reputable tradesmen if required. Clients who opt for Use What You Have often just need an expert eye to refresh and revamp the property.

The Use What You Have package depends upon the size and condition of your property, and the time required to complete the job. It typically includes Garden & Maintenance; Decluttering; Restyling; and Detailed Clean

The minimum fee for the Use What You Have package is $1,700.


Styled to Sell

The Styled to Sell package tailors our services to suit your budget and is ideal for clients who are willing to be more hands-on in the preparation of their property. It may or may not include a furniture rental package, storage of your packed items, instant landscaping, repairs, renovations, restoration, or maintenance. This package may be anything from accessorising a feature room to furnishing a whole house to help give it that perfect show-home appeal.

The cost of your Styled to Sell package will be determined by how much involvement you need from us; the type, size and condition of your property; the hours involved to complete the job; the amount of furniture and accessories that need to be added; the amount that needs to be removed and stored; and the number of tradespeople that need to be contracted.

The fee for Styled to Sell is quoted on an individual basis.


Complete Home Presentation

The Complete Home Presentation package suits clients who would rather that we project manage on their behalf to see the job through from start to finish. We negotiate the best prices on your behalf for any furniture rental, accessories, landscaping or trades work to be carried out. We appoint and instruct contractors, manage your timeframe, administrate paperwork, resolve any issues and co-ordinate hand-over.

It is recommended that approximately 1% of the asking price of the property be spent on preparing it for sale in order to gain a significant return on your investment. Clients who have invested this amount have typically increased the value of their property between 10 to 15%, or more importantly, have sold their property quickly at their asking price, and not had to make a price drop to make a sale.

However, the overall cost of your Complete Home Presentation will be determined by the size, age, condition, and the location of your property, and we have found there is no rule-of-thumb in Sydney for assessing what you should spend. The cost also depends upon the contracted hours involved to complete the job; the amount of furniture and accessories that need to be added; the storage required; and the number of tradespeople that need to be coordinated and managed.

The fee for Complete Home Presentation is quoted on an individual basis.

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