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What is Property Styling?
What are the benefits of Property Styling?
How much difference does Property Styling make?
Are there any downfalls in Property Styling?
Why should I use a professional property stylist, can't I do it myself?
What is the difference between Interior Decorating and Property Styling?
What is the benefit of using a professional Home Presentation property stylist?
Who is Home Presentation?
What will professional home styling cost me?

What is Property Styling?

Presenting your home to sell, or Property Styling, is simply a term used to describe the process of preparing your property prior to putting it on the market. These preparations help to sell or rent your home in the fastest possible time, at the highest possible price.

In the USA it is referred to as Home Staging, and in the UK a property stylist may be called a House Doctor.

What are the benefits of Property Styling?

Faster sales, higher prices.

Homes that have been styled solely for the purpose of selling stand out against comparable properties, have a wider buyer appeal, and look impressive on real estate websites and in photo presentations which makes potential buyers want to investigate further.

Home Presentation is oriented toward the seller getting a return on their investment greater than every dollar spent, not on spending money to look good. The average rate of return is $3 to $1 spent on styling to sell.

The home seller also gets a head start on preparing for the move. Things used less often are already packed and you have begun to view your home as a product for sale. Your stylist will help you emotionally disconnect from your home in preparation for change, which greatly reduces the stress of selling and moving.

How much difference does Property Styling make?

Real Estate Agents report that the average time on the market for homes that have been styled to sell is only 33 days compared to 90 days for non-styled homes. The average days to a contract exchange after being styled is only 7 days!

On average, homes styled to sell attract a 3-6% minimum increase in sale price. US Housing and Urban Development reports that styled homes sell, on average, 17% higher than a house not styled.

Property Styling costs significantly less than your first price reduction. Our research has shown that $3,000 spent on presentation can be more effective in selling a property than reducing your property price by $10,000.

Property Styling on display homes and investment properties is tax deductible. The furniture and décor items, often including instant landscaping, can be leased with comparative a lower cost than conventional interior decorating, which requires the purchase of furniture and accessories.

Are there any downfalls in Property Styling?

You may like your home's new look so much that you decide not to sell.

No, seriously, property styling undertaken by someone unqualified, who may have a main business focus on Furniture Rental or Interior Design or is untrained in real estate buying trends, may fall into the trap of spending your money unwisely in areas that do not improve sales potential. Presenting a property for sale is not a makeover.

Why should I use a professional house stylist, can't I do it myself?

Many people have a natural talent for home decorating. You, or your friends or family may have done successful makeovers in your own homes, have an eye for minimisation, an artistic background or even a little knowledge of Feng Shui. However, will you be able to economically maximize the asking price of your property?

Can you and your friends cover every aspect of preparing your property for sale? Can you coordinate your talented friends into your timetable? Can you maintain a consistent high quality of services? However, we do welcome and encourage you to do as much as you can yourself. The best results are produced when we work together towards the outcome.

At Home Presentation Property Styling we work in partnership with you and our proven team of professional trades. Thus assuring you of an excellent quality service, while keeping costs to a minimum. Our aim is to ensure that our clients spend as little as possible and gain maximum profits. All repairs, improvements and interior design work are carried out efficiently to a high standard and within a timeframe, and if you have preferred contractors we can oversee them to ensure that your plans are realised and deadlines are met, leaving you to carry on with your everyday life.

Here is a quick checklist of the essential things a vendor should go through before putting their property on the market.

Services: Check fuse box, water heater, roof tiles, guttering, rubbish removal, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, light fittings, locks and hardware, pool equipment, and make sure DIY jobs are completed.

Maintenance: Check exterior surfaces, patch & paint especially entry doors and window frames, tidy gardens, lawn care. Check interior surfaces, patch & paint, repair obvious problem areas and anything that leaks or squeaks.

Cleaning: ensure the property is clean inside and out, windows, carpets, everything should sparkle!

Presentation: the property must be tidy and decluttered, and this should be maintained throughout the Open Inspection period.

Styling: Is the function of each room clearly defined? Can you imagine someone else living there? If you can't, then neither can prospective buyers. Does each room have the "wow" factor to sway the decision of a wavering buyer?

Home Presentation can efficiently guide you though the process, or we can manage the project from concept to completion, leaving you to sit back and enjoy, as we do it all for you. The Home Presentation team are down-to-earth professionals who are committed to exceeding client expectations every time.

Utilise our services to suit your budget, from a consultation to a complete property presentation, and sell your home quicker and for a higher price than its competitors.

What is the difference between Interior Decorating and Property Styling?

Property styling for sale should not be confused with interior designing.

An Interior Design service will help you to personalise your home and living space for your enjoyment and comfort, whatever your taste may be.

To help your home sell you must do the opposite and aim to "neutralise" your home. Painting everything cream and stripping the house of its personality is not the answer either. No one will get excited over a bland house. You need to create harmony and balance.

Home Presentation's professional stylists are trained in neutralisation techniques that improve the presentation of property to prompt a quick sale and increased profits.

Our property stylists concentrate more on taking things out of the home than putting things in. Other than the occasional necessary item of furniture, accessories, or instant landscaping, costs are saved by striving to use what is already in the property wherever possible. The house contents are then styled professionally to appeal to the maximum number of buyers.

Buyers will buy the best home at the best price that meets their needs, and they will often subconsciously view homes looking for reasons why not to buy or to be able to offer a lower price. Our property stylists help them visualize how they can use the space to suit their own needs, and work to ensure that potential buyers are given as little reason as possible to find fault.

Home Presentation Property Stylists are professional consultants trained in the knowledge of Real Estate trends that can maximize the asking price of your property without unnecessary spending.

Most interior designers will offer a styling service for property resale purposes. However, be aware that they may not be appropriately qualified to offer a home styling service that will make the most of what you already have in the property and may spend large amounts of money in a makeover. Even within the Interior Design industry, the quality of service and fees will vary, or they may be offering the same services as in their Interior Design practice but under another label.

What is the benefit of using a professional Home Presentation property stylist?

When you commission Home Presentation Property Styling you have the comfort of knowing you are spending your money wisely, by following the quality advice of a professional consultant, and focusing on the recommended areas for improvement to maximize your sale price.

Home Presentation are not interested in listing your home to sell, renting out furniture packages, selling you interior décor, or contracting for building improvements. Our primary and exclusive concern is to radically improve your home's prospects for selling as fast as possible, for the most amount of money. We remain dedicated to the exclusive profession of styling homes for sale.

Your property is just like any other product that may be for sale. It has to fight for the customer's attention alongside other properties that are also on the market at a similar price with similar qualities.

The key to effective property styling is understanding that you are trying to achieve a home that appeals to the widest possible audience with the maximum amount of impact, leaving a lasting impression that leads to a sale.

Who is Home Presentation?

After several years in different areas of the property and design industries, Sharonne Fourie, one of Sydney's leading Interior Designers, became aware of the increasing demand for high quality interior styling and innovative presentation in Sydney's ultra-competitive property market.

Sharonne has an excellent understanding of space planning, styling techniques, and a reputation for the "wow" factor. Her unique and intimate knowledge of all the factors that come together to show the best aspects of your property ensures that your result is a beautiful home presentation with dramatic first impression impact.

Few property styling consultancies can claim Sharonne's unique experience. Through her professional background Sharonne offers her client's expertise in working together with your real estate agent and photographer to ensure everything comes together picture-perfect for your all-important marketing materials. With her flair for project management, Sharonne will consult with a large range of reputable trade contractors and suppliers on your behalf, saving you time and money. The Home Presentation team of skilled tradespeople, stylists and contractors have been chosen for their commitment to excellence and high integrity.

Lastly, Sharonne will not waft around your house calling everyone 'darling'. She will give you good, honest advice guiding you through the process with minimal stress. The entire Home Presentation team are down-to-earth, hands-on professionals dedicated to your success.

You can be assured that everyone from Home Presentation who works to transform your property will leave you feeling confident and secure that you've chosen the right team.

What will professional home styling cost me?

We will help you make strategic property presentation changes to appeal to the right market, whatever your budget.

Home Presentation Property Styling offers three levels of service, depending upon your requirements. At a time convenient to you, we will visit your home and tour the property with you, with recommendations of how to proceed.

Consultation Report

The Consultation Report will advise you on the changes required to help expedite the sale of your property for its maximum value.

During the consultation we will tour the home, taking photos and making detailed notes on what is required to optimise your sale potential. We will discuss your requirements, timeframe and budget, identify problem areas that may hinder your sale and assess how much involvement you need from us. Once we have compiled our report you will be presented with the diagnosis with advice and recommendations, which you may choose to follow yourself without further involvement by Home Presentation, or you may choose to commission Home Presentation to complete the project at a level that suits your available time and budget.

The minimum fee for a Consultation Report is $350.

Use What You Have

The Use What You Have package is ideal for clients who often have good ideas and a sense of style, but lack the time or the level of experience needed to maximise their home's potential. For those projects that also need restoration work, we will supply a list of reputable tradesmen if required. Clients who opt for Use What You Have often do not require a Consultation Report, however this assessment will be made at our initial discussion appointment.

The Use What You Have package depends upon the size and condition of your property, and the time required to complete the job. It typically includes:

Report (3 hours)
Garden & Maintenance (6 hrs min)
Restyling (4 hrs min)
Detailed Clean (4 hrs min)

The minimum fee for the Use What You Have package is $1,700.

Styled to Sell

The Styled to Sell package tailors our services to suit your budget and is ideal for clients who are willing to be more hands-on in the preparation of their property. It may or may not include a furniture rental package, storage of your packed items, instant landscaping, repairs, renovations, restoration, or maintenance. This package may be anything from accessorising a feature room to furnishing a whole house to help give it that perfect show-home appeal.

The cost of your Styled to Sell package will be determined by how much involvement you need from us; the type, size and condition of your property; the hours involved to complete the job; the amount of furniture and accessories that need to be added; the amount that needs to be removed and stored; and the number of tradespeople that need to be contracted. Clients who choose Styled to Sell often benefit from a Consultation Report, however this assessment will be made at our initial discussion appointment.

The fee for Styled to Sell is quoted on an individual basis.

Complete Home Presentation

The Complete Home Presentation package suits clients who would rather that we project manage on their behalf to see the job through from start to finish. We negotiate the best prices on your behalf for any furniture rental, accessories, landscaping or trades work to be carried out. We appoint and instruct contractors, manage your timeframe, administrate paperwork, resolve any issues and co-ordinate hand-over.

In London it is recommended that approximately 1% of the asking price of the property be spent on preparing it for sale in order to gain a significant return on your investment. Clients who have invested this amount have typically increased the value of their property between 10 - 15%. However, the overall cost of your Complete Home Presentation will be determined by the size, age, condition, and the location of your property, and we have found there is no rule-of-thumb in Sydney for assessing what you should spend. The cost also depends upon the contracted hours involved to complete the job; the amount of furniture and accessories that need to be added; the storage required; and the number of tradespeople that need to be coordinated and managed.

The fee for Complete Home Presentation is quoted on an individual basis.

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