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Home Presentation Property Styling e-News - August 07

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Secrets of Selling your Home FAST
August 2007
I am constantly asked 'When is a good time to sell?'

It is the million dollar question, but I always smile and say: 'When someone wants to buy.' The secret is how to make your property THE ONE that someone desperately wants.

In this issue of Home Presentation Secrets of Selling we look at how to improve your results in the Spring market.

Wendy McQuillan

Wendy McQuillan

Home Presentation
Improve your bids this Spring

Sitting RoomAnyone read Purple Cow by marketing guru Seth Godin? Its premise is that just being a good cow in a field of cows is not enough anymore, you need to be extraordinary to stand out. The home that stands out amongst its peers will be the home that everyone wants to buy.

And that does not happen by chance. It takes deliberate planning and effort. Currently there is a property shortage, created by suppliers going awol in last season's sleepy market. The REINSW says the 'market is not keeping up with the demand' and thus rents and prices are rising again. The agents simply don't have quality properties to meet the buyers' demands. The million dollar word here is QUALITY. How you present your property to the market directly reflects the $ in your result.

If you're thinking of selling in the Spring market, the traditional peak season, you'll need to get your running shoes on and get ready now. Click here for a checklist of things to consider.

Put yourself in buyers' shoes

Go house-hunting. It is the best way I know to help a client understand the value of first impressions and where their home sits in the marketplace. It will amaze you how quickly you will learn what not to do. Now go and inspect a Display Home. What do you notice? Most likely it will feel as if anyone could move straight in. That is your aim: a house that anyone could make their home. And now, can you see your home in the eyes of a buyer? If you are in doubt about what you need to do to maximise your home's influence on potential buyers, call in help from a professional. Their advice is gold in your pocket.

Do not choose a good agent

Choose a great agent. Most agents worth their salt will do a walk-through the home with you, pointing out things that need attention. Beware of agents who tell you horror stories of properties they have shown - it just proves they have not excelled at their job of properly preparing their client for selling. A good agent will get the job done, a great agent will give you the extra mile in customer service and guide you to success. The same advice applies to choosing your stylist. Do you want a neat and tidy, clean home? Or one that sets a buyer's heart on fire?

The room that makes the sale

We've changed the way we live in our houses. Did you know that in an older home 17% of living space is unused? We're swapping dining rooms for media rooms, smart technology is becoming standard, and informal comfort rules. A fully functional efficient home designed to make today's busy lifestyle run smoother is on top of everyone's list, even if they don't know how to express it!

Today people want homes that are sanctuaries from the world's stresses. Take a good critical look at the way your home is presented. While it suits you to keep the treadmill in front of the TV and an overstocked bookcase in the loo, it probably does not whisper "relaxing retreat" to potential new owners.

The kitchen has long been the centre of our new open-plan lifestyles. It is also where the sales are made. Generally, women buy homes, and if she can't see herself happy in the kitchen, you most likely don't have a sale. First rule: declutter. Get everything off the counters. If you find there is not enough space in the cupboards for everything, then clear them out. Second rule: storage. The first impression your drawers, pantry and cupboards must give is that there is plenty of space for your buyer to store her "stuff". Buyers will even judge how a house is kept by how the ovens and dishwasher is kept. Make them spotless and remember under the sink too.

For more hints on how to really get the advantage over your competition, contact a Home Presentation consultant and tell us about your property.
Thank you for joining us for our monthly Secrets of Selling Your Home FAST eNews. If you are selling your home and you would like advice and recommendations on how to maximise your property's potential, click here for all our contact details: Contact Us


Wendy McQuillan

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